Participants will be required to pay a participation fee and sign an agreement  for
the Release of Liability Waiver and for the Rules of Conduct Form, as defined by
the WWII Historical Association of Florida for Operation Cobra 2010.  
Preregistration is available until October 15th, 2010.  Please see the Registration
Page for details.

Participants on arrival will be checked in by gate guards, and then will be directed
to the registration area.  No admission into the bivouac area will be granted until
business at the registration area is complete. Information regarding location,
setup,  and unloading of vehicles will be given at this time.  Bivouac areas will be
provided for both allied and axis commands.  

Personal Vehicles.
Personal vehicles of non-WWII vintage must be parked in a separate area, out of
sight of any simulated event, immediately after unloading. Respect the right of
others wishing to fully participate in the event without the intrusion of modern
vehicles and equipment. Therefore, no overnight parking of privately owned
vehicles allowed except in designated areas on the event site, with the exception of
era correct vehicles.

As living historians, participants are obligated to maintain individual and unit
authenticity while participating in the event. There is a responsibility to look and
behave as actual soldiers during WWII. In essence, all participants are portraying
men and women during the mid twentieth century, and failure to contribute to the
simulation is not only  failing to honor fellow participants, but (in essence) the
veterans of that period as well. Modern uniform apparel and equipment is not
welcome. All participants must have correct period or quality reproduction uniforms
and gear, or historically accurate impressions.  Deliberate and blatant authenticity
violations will be given warning and an opportunity for correction.  If warnings are
ignored, violators will be required to leave the event.

• Reproductions are acceptable as long as they faithfully represent original
• Use of "captured weapons" is frowned upon.  Although it happened, it was not
commonplace.  Use of such must be approved by the Allied and Axis coordinators
respectively.  Be authentic; use weapons of the country you represent.
• Display of Nazi Flags and Banners are not allowed in public events. German
troops did not commonly display these in the field.


Safety is the first and primary concern. There will be an inspection of all weapons,
blanks, and battlefield devices by designated members of all units.  Preloaded
magazines are not permitted.  Blanks will be sealed in a clear plastic bag and
checked by designated personnel.   At the morning inspections all clips will be
removed from cartridge belts for inspection.
•        NO wood tip blanks OR shotguns allowed
•        There is to be no blind firing around corners, obstacles, etc.
•        Combatants must have a sight on their target before firing.   The area in
front of a weapon must be clear ten feet of all personnel before firing.  
•        There will be no point blanc weapon pointing at self or other participants.
•        No bladed weapons will be removed from a sheath during a battle in a
threatening or simulated threatening manner.
•         No weapon will have a fixed bayonet during a battle or in direct public
•         No hand to hand combat will be performed unless coordinated and agreed
with another participant.
•         Absolutely no night attacks or firing of weapons at night.
•         No use of flare guns, fireworks, etc.  
•         No shooting at low flying aircraft.  
•         All explosive devices are to be approved before dispersion into the event.
•         The handling, possession, or discharge of any firearm is absolutely
prohibited when anyone has consumed alcohol or by any individual found
rationally questionable.
•         No person under the age of 16 will handle, possess, discharge any firearm
(as defined in F.S.S. 790) during this event. This includes public minors.
•         All mortar simulator rounds and rifle grenades shall have a discharging
charge only, with no secondary charge.  Maximum weight shall be 6 ounces for
projectiles with tail fins and 8 ounces for projectiles without tail fins.
•         Machine guns must have proper ATF paperwork.  For the purposes of filing
the ATF form 5320.20 "Application to transport Interstate Weapon".  The address
for this form is 22378 Still Pond Road, Covington County, Florala, Alabama 36442.

•         In all cases, State and Federal firearms laws will be strictly adhered to by all
participants. Proper certification and permits are the sole responsibility of the
individual owner and must be rendered upon request.  

All ammunition, pyrotechnic, and explosive devices will be checked and approved
by designated personnel.  All blanks are to be brought on site in a clear, sealed,
plastic bag.  Do not load magazines or clips until ammunition has been thoroughly


Team Leaders.
Team leaders will be designated by each participating unit and will chiefly consist
of noncommissioned and commissioned officers.  Courtesy will be given to NCOs
and officers of both axis and allied units. In return, NCOs and officers of both axis
and allied units will be responsible for enforcing the standards of conduct at the

Minimum Age.
Participants must be 16 years of age to participate (with parent or guardian written
consent and constant adult supervision) in any event and may represent
noncombatants, such as a medic or media correspondent. One must be 18 years
of age to carry a firearm.  All minors 17 and under must attend with the supervision
at all times of a parent or guardian, or with an established BSA Venturing group
and have a Parental Consent Form signed and witnessed by two consenting adults.

Alcohol/Drug Usage.
There will be no alcohol consumption by participants during drills, tactical
exercises, living histories, or any other events in which the unit participates in a
public environment.  Alcohol consumption is not encouraged, and participants are
urged to show restraint and self discipline as to not induce intoxication. The
handling of any weapons is absolutely prohibited when anyone has consumed
alcohol.   Members found to be consuming alcohol during the active time of an
event will be prohibited from participating and may be required to leave if directed
to do so by the coordinator/commander of the event.

Illegal drugs and Controlled Substances .
Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited.  If participants are found to be using illegal
drugs they will be immediately dismissed from the event and information will be
provided to legal authorities.


Hit calling is frowned upon and will not be tolerated.  Unit commanders and NCOs
will act as neutral umpires to ensure that their troops are taking obvious hits.  
Anyone using foul language will automatically be a casualty, and if language
continues, will be asked to leave the battlefield.

Unit commanders must report to the overall coordinator upon registration at an
event,  and are required to provide a roster of unit members who are attending.  
Unit commanders will ultimately be responsible for their unit's actions

Individual participants will be aligned with a participating unit.

No weapons will have fixed bayonets at any time.  Edged weapons will remain

There will be no horseplay on or off the battlefield.  There will be no hand to hand
combat on or off the field.

The event coordinator, after review and agreement with the event staff, reserves
the right to decline anyone from participating in the event, if the coordinator
believes disruptive conduct and/or unsafe practices would be exhibited by a
participant during the event.